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For downloads and more info about phpMyAdmin, see

phpMyAdmin is a tool used to administrate MySQL databases from your web browser. Among other things, it allows you to run SQL statements and backup your data.

Whenever someone refers to phpMyAdmin, it is usually because you need to run a SQL statement. There are however other tools to do that, but since phpMyAdmin is so common, it is the one many people refer to.

Idea.png Other tools
Keep in mind that if you have another tool to enter SQL statements, you can probably use that instead if you prefer. If you're not sure about what tools you already have available, you may want to ask your host.

Most of the time when you need to insert a SQL statement into the Zen Cart™ database, you should do so from the built-in tool from the Zen Cart™ Admin, Admin - Tools - Install SQL Patches. That tool will automatically prepend the database prefix to the tables in your SQL.


Appropriate settings for backing up your database using Phpmyadmin.