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What's the purpose of including a link to an outdated pdf of the database??? Nuking it unless someone can come up with something good. ;-)

--Ron Seigel 19:13, 25 November 2006 (EST)

Do we really want to include tables in this that are no longer in the default install of the current version of Zen? What about shoving them off onto another page for archive purposes? How about not including them at all? Comments? 20:30, 11 December 2005 (MST)
As long as there are active users on older versions, I think the info should remain here. Any discontinued tables/fields should be noted as to the latest version where they were used; new tables/fields should be noted as to when they appeared. This requires someone with complete knowledge of the db history. Gjh42 04:06, 6 April 2006 (EDT)

DB Schema empty table list

As of 4/4/06, these are the tables remaining without content.
Unfortunately adding structures eliminated the visible "empty" clue.
Please note or delete titles as content is added.

  1. Table tax class;
  2. Table newsletters;
  3. Table whos online;
  4. Table upgrade exceptions;
  5. Table sessions;
  6. Table query builder;
  7. Table project version history;
  8. Table project version;
  9. Table zones;
  10. Table zones to geo zones;
  11. Table tax rates;
  12. Table tax classes;
  13. Table template select;
  14. Table paypal testing;
  15. Table paypal session;
  16. Table paypal payment status history;
  17. Table paypal payment status;
  18. Table paypal;
  19. Table orders total;
  20. Table orders status;
  21. Table orders products download;
  22. Table orders products attributes;
  23. Table orders products;
  24. Table orders;
  25. Table products notifications;
  26. Table ezpages;
  27. Table record company info;
  28. Table record company;
  29. Table record artists info;
  30. Table record artists;
  31. Table product music extra;
  32. Table music genre;
  33. Table media types;
  34. Table media to products;
  35. Table media manager;
  36. Table media clips;
  37. Table specials;
  38. Table salemaker sales;
  39. Table reviews description;
  40. Table reviews;
  41. Table meta tags categories description;
  42. Table meta tags products description;
  43. Table products options values to products options;
  44. Table products options values;
  45. Table products options types;
  46. Table products discount quantity;
  47. Table products description;
  48. Table products attributes downloads;
  49. Table product types to category;
  50. Table product type layout; - added field info, still need descriptions & field purposes Gjh42

Table product types still needs more description of contents.

Gjh42 13:26, 4 April 2006 (EDT)