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The Time_out page is explained here.

Configuration options

This table below shows most of the configuration options including language text for the Time_out page. It is based on a ZenCart version 1.3.0. Before editing files copy the original file (if not done before) to YOUR_TEMPLATE directory.

Copy image and button files

  • from includes\templates\template_default\images\..... to includes\templates\YOUR_TEMPLATE\images\.....
  • from includes\templates\template_default\buttons\..... to includes\templates\YOUR_TEMPLATE\buttons\.....

Copy language files

  • from includes\language\..... to includes\language\YOUR_TEMPLATE\.....
  • from includes\language\english\..... to includes\language\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE\.....

See also Customisation - Templates

Name Default value How to change
HEADING_TITLE_LOGGED_IN 'Whoops! Sorry, but you are not allowed to perform the action requested. ' Edit language file time_out.php near line 12 in the directory includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE
TEXT_INFORMATION_LOGGED_IN 'You are still logged in to your account and may continue shopping. Please choose a destination from a menu.' Edit language file time_out.php near line 15 in the directory includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE
HEADING_TITLE 'Whoops! Your session has expired.' Edit language file time_out.php near line 11 in the directory includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE

If you were placing an order, please login and your shopping cart will be restored. You may then go back to the checkout and complete your final purchases.

If you had completed an order and wish to review it' . (DOWNLOAD_ENABLED == 'true' ? ', or had a download and wish to retrieve it' : ) . ', please go to your <a href="' . zen_href_link(FILENAME_ACCOUNT, , 'SSL') . '">My Account</a> page to view your order.

Edit language file time_out.php near line 13 in the directory includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE
HEADING_RETURNING_CUSTOMER 'Login' Edit language file time_out.php near line 17 in the directory includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE
ENTRY_EMAIL_ADDRESS 'Email Address:' Edit language file english.php near line 202 in the directory includes\languages\YOUR_TEMPLATE
ENTRY_PASSWORD 'Password:' Edit language file english.php near line 243 in the directory includes\languages\YOUR_TEMPLATE
BUTTON_IMAGE_LOGIN File:Button login.gif Edit button image file 'button_login.gif' in the directory includes\templates\YOUR_TEMPLATE\buttons\english\ with a graphic tool
BUTTON_LOGIN_ALT 'Sign In' Edit button names file button_names.php near line 80 in the directory includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE.
Note: This text will be visible when your hover over this button.
TEXT_PASSWORD_FORGOTTEN 'Forgot Your Password?' Edit language file time_out.php near line 18 in the directory includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE
NAVBAR_TITLE 'Login Time Out' Edit language file time_out.php near line 10 in the directory includes\languages\english\YOUR_TEMPLATE
Configuration --> Sessions --> Recreate Session.

Recreate the session to generate a new session ID when the customer logs on or creates an account (PHP >=4.1 needed).

NOTE: This table is made by looking for used defines in the following files:

  • includes\modules\pages\time_out\header_php.php
  • includes\templates\template_default\templates\tpl_time_out_default.php

Defines (configuration options) are defined in:

  • configuration table in the database
  • includes\languages\english.php
  • includes\languages\english\button_names.php
  • includes\languages\english\time_out.php

Product type configuration option are ignored Shipping, payment and Order Total module configuration option are also ignored