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Template System in a Nutshell

In the distribution of Zen Cart™ there are several folders with folders and files inside them.

Just browse through them one folder at a time, any time you see a folder named classic, the files that exist there (not folders) can be overridden by placing a copy of the file you wish to alter inside a folder named as the name that your template is named. That naming occurs in the template_info.php file and the folder name that it exists in.

Now, for any of this to actually work and have any effect, you need to have a template_info.php that has been edited with a template name, and it along with the css files in a css folder have to be inside a folder that you name consistently every where there is a classic folder.

  • The folder with the template_info file, a css folder and the css files needs to be located as follows:
    • includes/templates/your_folder_name

  • The other folders that are in the template_default can be created in your_template folder like:
    • includes/templates/your_folder_name/css

  • and so forth

Once this is done you can and should be able to see the template name in your Admin > Tools > Template selection. If you do not see it there and can not select it, you have not done something correctly.

Only files that you edit need to be in an override folder. As you edit more files in more locations you will have several folders that are named for your template name. Remember, anywhere there is a classic folder you can create a template folder to house your copied and edited files that exist in this folder.

Files that exist in another folder will not override if placed in an override folder that is somewhere else.