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This section is for documentations of 3rd party contributions, such as addons, modules, extensions, modifications or other contributions.

Developers: read here for tips on porting modules from osC.


Order management

  • On-the-Fly Invoice Numbering - create unique, successive invoice numbers separate from Zen Cart™ order number.
  • PDF Order Center - batch-print PDF invoices, labels, price quotes, packing slips, and credits.
  • Super Orders - comprehensive order management system to edit orders, add products, split packing slips, and more.

Payment Modules

Search engine optimization

There are two URL rewriting contributions, both of them very good (judging from user response): Tim Kroeger's SEFU and Dreamscape's port of Chemo's Ultimate SEO URLs. Read through (or skim through) both support threads to figure out which contribution best meets your needs. There is a post by Tim Kroeger comparing the two.

Data import tools

Shipping Modules