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How do I configure these options?

I am a bit confused with the numbers in for example ALL listing options. Apparently there are a lot of combinations ... got any guidelines?

for example I would like all to be on one line:

model - productname - price - buy button


Do you want to display the Product Image?

0= off 1st digit Left or Right 2nd and 3rd digit Sort Order 4th digit number of breaks after

If the 4 digit number is changed to 0 this means ... OFF as in do not show this field at all.
Next, if you set a value the number used has meaning ...

The number is a 4 digit number:


The screen draws in 2 cells for the Left and Right side ...

Then, within the Left and Right side is a display or sort order ...

Then, how many /
do you need after the displayed information.

The first digit: if a 1 is the Left and if a 2 is the right ...

The second and third digits: this is the sort order ... 2 digits are used so you can sort and increment your numbers such as 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. so that later you can more easily move the fields around.

The fourth digit is how many /
should be added following the data? 1 for
2 for

3 for