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Menu: Admin - Configuration - Stock

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Used to control various options regarding stock control. There are also two Shopping Cart page layout options in here.


Check stock level

Check to see if sufficent stock is available. Can be set to either true or false.
Default: true

Subtract stock

Set whether the stock level for a product is reduced whenever a product is sold. Can be set to either true or false.
Default: true

Allow Checkout

Allow customer to checkout even if there is insufficient stock. Can be set to either true or false.
Default: true

Mark product out of stock

Set the string that will be displayed on screen so that customers can see which products have insufficient stock. This string will be displayed in the shopping cart, but not in listings or on the product page.
Default: ***

Stock Re-order level

Define when stock needs to be re-ordered.
Default: 5

Products status in Catalog when out of stock should be set to

Set whether products are shown or not when out of stock. Can be set to either 0 (set product status to off) or 1 (leave product status on).
Default: 1

Show Sold Out Image in place of Add to Cart

Set whether a Show Sold Out image is shown instead of the Add to Cart button when the product's stock is 0. Can be set to either 0 (off) or 1 (on).
Default: 1

Product Quantity Decimals

Set whether a product quantity can have fractions and if so, how many decimal places are allowed. Can be set to 0 (off, i.e. whole numbers only), 1, 2 or 3 decimal places.
Default: 0

Show Shopping Cart - Delete Checkboxes or Delete Button

Show on shopping cart Delete Button and/or Checkboxes.
Options are:
  • 1 = Delete Button Only
  • 2 = Checkbox Only
  • 3 = Both Delete Button and Checkbox
Default: 3

Show Shopping Cart - Update Cart Button Location

Controls the location of the Update Cart button in the Shopping Cart.
Options are:
  • 1 = Next to each Qty Box
  • 2 = Below all Products
  • 3 = Both Next to each Qty Box and Below all Products
Default: 3