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Menu: Admin - Gift Certificate/Coupons - Gift Certificates Queue

Admin - Tools Menu Items: Coupon Admin · Gift Certificates Queue · Mail Gift Certificate · Gift Certificates sent


Allows you to view and release gift certificates which have been purchased but not yet issued.

Release certificate

  • If you have issued a gift certificate, possibly via the Mail Gift Certificate menu function, you can release the certificate as having been issued.
  • Click on the line entry (if there is more than one pending gift certificate) to cause the right arrow to appear in the action column.
  • You can click on the Order button to bring up a listing of the actual order this gift certificate is from if you have to do any processing to the order (such as issue a packing list for items to be shipped, or actually mail a physical certificate). Use the back button on that form to return here.
  • Click on the release gift button.
  • You will be shown the time stamp and the amount again, and be asked to confirm this certificate. Click on the red confirm button to release the certificate, or click on the cancel button to leave the certificate unreleased.