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[http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?t=36709 Status Thread in Forum]
== WishList ==
== WishList ==
Please feel free to add anything you would like here:
Please feel free to add anything you would like here:

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Status Thread in Forum


Please feel free to add anything you would like here:

  • Marketing: Also, I'd like to be able to market separately to both sets of customers. Is there a flag (or something) that would enable me to send a newsletter, for example, to only carshop.co.uk customers? Being a contrary person, I'd also like to be able to send a newsletter to all customers as well!
  • Advertising: Froogle, Google, and all other feeds need to reflect the correct store base URL in the feed file. Most of the work is in SQL stmts and a bit of ADMIN mods for these, should not be too difficult.
  • Invoices: Would Zen Cart be able to know that this customer bought from carshop.co.uk and therefore send them a carshop.co.uk invoice? Or, would I have to have a generic invoice from Cars4U?
  • Reporting: Accordingly, I'd like to be able to run separate reports for each shop. Being contrary, I'd also like to run reports on x-selling products that are available on both shops - I'd like to be able to judge if my x-selling strategy is working.
  • Prices: Possibility that each store has overriding prices. Prices are set globally using the standard product page, and overriding price is stored per website in separate table.
  • Products: Currently the largest part of the project is ensuring that products are available on either all sites, or just selected ones.


  • Customers: What about customers? Ideally I'd like a customer of carshop.co.uk to also be able to shop at caraccessories.co.uk without needing to login again or create a separate account. So, one customer account for multiple shops. -> When a customer registers with 1 store, as this module uses 1 database, they automatically register for all your stores
  • Featured Products: Each store is able to have its own featured products -> Each featured product can either be global, or on a per store basis
  • Payment: This has been mentioned before, but buyers from carshop.co.uk be returned to carshop.co.uk thank you page on completion. -> This has always been the main aim of the module. The module directs customers to a common https secure server, set in the original config file. When the customer finishes on the secure server, they are redirected to the same site they came from. So they would return to the carshop.co.uk site, after paying on the Cars4U secure server.