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[[Customisation_-_Templates_-_Stylesheets_-_CSS_Buttons| CSS Buttons]]
[[Customisation_-_Templates_-_Stylesheets_-_CSS_Buttons| CSS Buttons]]
== Tips & Tricks ==
== Tips & Tricks ==

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Visual Overview of Zen Cart™

Overview of Zen Cart™ Pages

Overview of Zen Cart™ Sideboxes

Basic checklist after installing Zen Cart™

Glossary with Definitions for Zen Cart™

More advanced:

Making or changing Templates

Editing PHP

Searching in Zen Cart™ PHP-files (Developers Tool Kit)

Making a local copy of your Web site

3rd party contributions

What Every New Zen Cart User Needs to Know

The Top 10 Questions

Top 10 Questions asked by new Zen Cart™ Users

Some Useful Tools

Useful Tools For Working With Zen Cart™

The Stylesheet

What is a stylesheet? (a primer)

CSS Buttons

Tips & Tricks

Custom search

Popup windows

Custom passwords

Porting modules from osC

Creating new pages

Creating Your Own Shipping Module


CSS Resources