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Visual Overview of Zen Cart™

Overview of Zen Cart™ Pages

Overview of Zen Cart™ Sideboxes

Basic checklist after installing Zen Cart™

Glossary with Definitions for Zen Cart™

More advanced:

Making or changing Templates

Editing PHP

Searching in Zen Cart™ PHP-files (Developers Tool Kit)

Making a local copy of your Web site

3rd party contributions

What Every New Zen Cart™ User Needs to Know

The Top 10 Questions

Top 10 Questions asked by new Zen Cart™ Users

The Override System Simplified

The Override System Simplified

Some Useful Tools

Useful Tools For Working With Zen Cart™

Instructions in the wiki and forum for editing text in Zencart will direct you to upload your customized files to a /custom directory. If you make a customized template and do not name it "custom" your customized files will not work when uploaded unless they're uploaded to a /custom directory that matches the name of your custom template. Be aware because if your template is "mytemplate" and you're putting customized files in "custom" that's why they won't work. The template name and custom directories need to share the same name.

The Stylesheet

What is a stylesheet? (a primer)

Annotated Stylesheet (Part 1)

Annotated Stylesheet (part 2)

CSS Buttons

Tips & Tricks

Custom search

Popup windows

Custom passwords

Porting modules from osC

Creating new pages

Creating Your Own Shipping Module


CSS Resources