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*The home of [http://www.php.net php].
*The home of [http://www.php.net php].
*The home of [http://www.zend.com Zend].
*The home of [http://www.zend.com Zend].
[http://www.w3schools.com/php/default.asp PHP Tutorial]
=== MySQL Resources ===
=== MySQL Resources ===

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The Developers section is primarily aimed at those people who have a reasonable level of competence with PHP and MySQL, and who want to learn more about the internal workings of the Zen Cart code.

Hopefully it may also be useful for those people that are wanting to move from simple customizations of their Zen Cart site to doing something a little more adventurous.

The Zen Cart team is constantly striving to make the codebase more modular and simpler for 3rd parties to alter and extend. As such core code will at times change quite rapidly. Because of that there is always the possibility that some of the entries made in that section may date rather quickly. If in doubt use the discussion tab, or post on the Support Forum.


PHP Resources

PHP Tutorial

MySQL Resources

HTML Resource

W3Schools Online HTML Tutorials, link

CSS Resources

see CSS Resources