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The Developers section is primarily aimed at those people who have a reasonable level of competence with PHP and MySQL, and who want to learn more about the internal workings of the Zen Cart code.

Hopefully it may also be useful for those people that are wanting to move from simple customizations of their Zen Cart site to doing something a little more adventurous.

The Zen Cart team is constantly striving to make the codebase more modular and simpler for 3rd parties to alter and extend. As such core code will at times change quite rapidly. Because of that there is always the possibility that some of the entries made in that section may date rather quickly. If in doubt use the discussion tab, or post on the Support Forum.


PHP Resources

MySQL Resources

HTML Resource

CSS Resources

Rebuilding a Site With Standards

Rebuilding a Site With Standards

A tableless, CSS-based, liquid, three-column layout

A tableless, CSS-based, liquid, three-column layout

CSS Advanced Guide

The CSS Advanced Guide is for those who want to push CSS to the extreme, highlighting methods that might not be immediately obvious to the intermediate developer.
It's a little small at the moment, but expect articles on alternate stylesheets, styling for print and more soon...

W3 Schools - CSS Introduction

Excellent step by step resource to learn and better understand CSS.

CSS Basic

Includes tutorials and try it out editors for basic CSS properties.

CSS Beginner's Guide

CSS Beginner's Guide assumes that you know as much about CSS as you do about the cumulative effects of sea squirt discharge on the brain chemistry of Germanic ammonites. The purpose of this guide is to teach the bare essentials - just enough to get started.

CSS Intermediate Guide

CSS Intermediate Guide should not be that difficult, but rather build on the basics of the CSS Beginner's Guide.

CSS Vault

A collection of CSS resources and CSS sites that help inspire and teach every designer.


Mailing list devoted to talking about CSS and ways to use it in the real world; in other words, practical uses and applications.

CSS1 Properties

CSS1 properties in an fairly easy to understand format.

Firdamatic: The Design Tool for the Uninspired

Firdamatic™ is an online tableless layout generator that allows you to create and customise layouts easily only by completing forms, making creating skins for your Firdamatic-based layout a breeze.


Can you take a simple list and use different Cascading Style Sheets to create radically different list options? The Listamatic shows the power of CSS when applied to one simple list using samples from Eric Meyer, ProjectSeven, SimpleBits, Jeffrey Zeldman and others.


More ways to format a simple list with stylesheets.

Real World Style

CSS layouts, tips, tricks and techniques

The CSShark Answers FAQs

This web site will answer some of those frequently asked Questions, explains some of the Basics of CSS, gives you tips and tricks for tackling the problems with Netscape 4, offers you a tutorial about Positioning with CSS (CSS-P, web design without tables).

W3C CSS Validation Service

Checks CSS files against the standards of W3C. Often problems with your CSS can be identified by validation.