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Name Description
The tool you should use for customizing the ZenCart shop, and maintaining the catalog in your shop and process orders. This tool is webbased and resides on the same website as your shop. See also:
The products in your shop grouped in categories. You can change the catalog in the admin under menu catalog. Calalog refers also to the shop in your website.
Define page
A text page which you can edit in #Admin for easily changing the text on some information pages in ZenCart. See also:
The EZ-Pages are easy to add and to edit pages. Store owners can create simple pages without understanding Zen Cart architecture just by using a web interface in #Admin. See also:
The footer part of a ZenCart webpage. See also:
GV Coupons
Gift Voucher Coupons. See also:
The visible top part of a ZenCart webpage which includes a website logo. See also:
The invisible part of the webpage where some properties of the webpage are defined. An example is the title of the website. In ZenCart this is coded in the file common/html_header.php
In ZenCart a language is a set of files grouped in one directory with all the text in one language. This construct makes it easy to download a language and install it in your shop. See also:
The center part of a ZenCart webpage. This part is the largest and most important part of the website. In this part the catalog of the the shop will be viewed. See also:
A module is a set of files which are easily to download and install in your shop. There are three types of modules: payment, shipping and order total modules. For developpers it refers also to the include/module directory where php-related code of pages and sideboxes are (html-related code are in templates). See also:
See main_page definition.
Box-like parts on the left or right side in a ZenCart webpage. Examples of sideboxes are: a product category link box, search box, information link box. See also:
A template is a set of files which defines the visible properties of the website. When a template does not define a property the default template called template_default is the rule. Standard ZenCart comes with one template beside the default, called classic. A template defines common properties for all pages or properties for just one page. These properties includes: buttons, (not product related) images ,css-definitions, javascript. Another meaning of template is template as template file.
Template file
A file which name normaly started with tpl_ and which contains the html-related code of pages and sideboxes (php-related code goes in a module file)
The default properties for ZenCart. See also template

There are two kinds of zones in Zen Cart: 1. Zone which is a part of a country (e.g. counties or provinces). 2. Zone definition which is a group of countries or parts of countries (e.g. European Union). See also: