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== Administration ==
=== Activate Group Pricing ===
# Install the ''Group Pricing'' in [[Admin_-_Modules_-_Order Total|Admin > Modules > Order Total]].
# Create various ''Group Pricing'' groups.
# Assign customers to various Groups in [[Admin_-_Customers_-_Customers|Admin > Customers > Customers]].
# Group Pricing Discounts now show in the checkout.
Note: Group pricing discounts currently only show during the checkout phase, and only if the ''Group-Pricing'' Order-Total module is enabled.
===Change Home Page Display===
There are certain features of the home page (and potentially other pages) that can be displayed.
===Stop The Post Code From Being Required===
To stop ZenCart from requiring the user to enter a [[Admin - Configuration - Minimum_Values#Post Code|Post Code]] click Minimum Values in the Configuration menu and set the post code/zip value to 0.

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