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==Upgrading Your Site==
==Upgrading Your Site==
Detailed upgrade instructions that help you retain your customizations while upgrading to new features, can be found in the installation ZIP file under the /docs/2.Readme-Upgrade.html file.
For upgrade instructions see:  http://www.zen-cart.com/upgrade
Here's a high-level overview of the process.  NOTE: this will '''not''' save your customizations:
# Back up your site from the server as well as the copy on your computer.
# Backup your database.
# Create a new directory and copy your site into it.
# Create a new database and load your old database in it.
# Next, change the two configure.php files to utilize the new directory and database.
# This way ... when you attempt to upgrade you are "practicing" to see where the problems, if any will happen.
# Make sure all appears to be working on your temp site.
# Now load the new version files to your new temp directory (from latest downloaded ZIP).
# Run the ''<nowiki>http://www.your_domain_name.com/your_new_site/zc_install</nowiki>''.
# Run the Upgrade Database.
# I would do one at a time based on what is checked ... leave the first checkbox that the upgrader picked checked and uncheck the others.
#* Advantage is that you can see your problems step by step.
#* Each time it completes it will recheck the boxes left to go.
#* Continue in this method until all boxes are unchecked.
#* If you find you have issues, you are not hurting anything and can always start over without damage to your existing shop and live database.
Reminder: Read the /docs/2.readme-upgrade.html document for step-by-step details and information on tools to help in the process.

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Upgrading Your Site

For upgrade instructions see: http://www.zen-cart.com/upgrade