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Upgrading Your Site

Detailed upgrade instructions that help you retain your customizations while upgrading to new features, can be found in the installation ZIP file under the /docs/2.Readme-Upgrade.html file.

Here's a high-level overview of the process. NOTE: this will not save your customizations:

  1. Back up you site from the server as well as the copy on your computer.
  2. Backup your database
  3. I would create a new directory and copy your site into it
  4. Then create a new database and load your old database in it
  5. Next, change the two configure.php files to utilize the new directory and database
  6. This way ... when you attempt to upgrade you are "practicing" to see where the problems, if any will happen
  7. Make sure all appears to be working on your temp site.
  8. Now load the "new" version files to your new temp directory (from latest downloaded ZIP)
  9. Run the
  10. Run the Upgrade Database
  11. I would do one at a time based on what is checked ... leave the first checkbox that the upgrader picked checked and uncheck the others.
    • Advantage is that you can see your problems step by step
    • Each time it completes it will recheck the boxes left to go.
    • Continue in this method until all boxes are unchecked.
    • If you find you have issues, you are not hurting anything and can always start over without damage to your existing shop and live database.

Reminder: Read the /docs/2.readme-upgrade.html document for step-by-step details and information on tools to help in the process.