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If you have questions, first search this wiki, then consult the Tutorials/FAQ section and search the forums. If you still can't find a good answer to your question, ask in the forums.

You can hire professionals to help you with almost anything. Third-party developers can be accessed via either the ODesk Help Wanted or Elance Help Wanted sites.

The support forum is driven by volunteers from all around the world.

That means:
  • You're not guaranteed an immediate response. Be patient, or hire someone to help.
  • If you want good answers, you need to be polite and give a good description of your problem.
  • People have different reasons for answering your questions. They may be in it for their own learning, getting new acquaintances/clients, contributing to the project, just being helpful, and/or others.
  • If nobody replies within 24 hours, try to add more information regarding the problem to the thread. People will be more willing and able to help if you can provide enough information about the problem.
  • When searching the forums for info, use the top search box or the advanced search form, and try to be specific about what you're searching for.

On the internet, people seem to lose their cool more often than in real life. If you can manage to ignore bad attitudes at times, you may save yourself from anger and frustration.
  • Remember to respond and not to react. A response is thought through, while a reaction is acting upon your instant feelings.
  • Try to treat people like you would if you were face to face with them. The internet is not an excuse for bad behaviour.


The knowledge you need depends on what you want to do.

  1. If you're only going to be managing your shop using Zen Cart's® administration area, you don't really need much technical knowledge.
  2. If you're going to install, customise and design your own shop, you will at least need to know the following:

Getting Started

Before you start editing files, you need to learn about the template system and how to use the Developers Tool Kit.

You will also want to familiarise yourself with the Admin area and naturally the Zen Cart® shopping cart front end itself.

Using all the knowledge and information provided throughout this support site, you'll be Zenning in no time. Be sure to thoroughly explore this wiki as well as the Tutorials/FAQ section, as you will find lots of important information which will help you to quickly get familiar with the Zen Cart® magic.

Quick Links

Quick links to Zen Cart® support site areas and the most useful areas for new users of the wiki.