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==  Latest News ==  
==  Latest News ==  
'''4 July 2014 : New Release Issued'''
'''31 Dec 2014 : New Release Issued!'''
Zen Cart® v1.5.3 released
Zen Cart® v1.5.4 released
See the [http://www.zen-cart.com/showthread.php?213846-v1-5-3-Released! announcement here]
See the [http://www.zen-cart.com/showthread.php?215684-Zen-Cart-v1-5-4-Released! announcement here]
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== [[Old News | Old News]] ==
== [[Old News | Old News]] ==
'''4 July September 2014 : [http://www.zen-cart.com/showthread.php?213846-v1-5-3-Released! Zen Cart® v1.5.3 released]'''
''' 25 November 2013 : Zen Cart® v1.5.2-beta released'''
''' 25 November 2013 : Zen Cart® v1.5.2-beta released'''

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Welcome to the Zen Cart® wiki.

The wiki is divided into seven areas which can be accessed from the left navigation sidebar:





Aimed at people with at least a basic understanding of PHP and HTML.


Aimed at more experienced developers.


3rd party contributions

Covers documentations on third party contributions.

General Info

The goal of the wiki is to provide a central location for documentation for the Zen Cart® project. Anyone can pitch in and help, all we ask is that first you register with the wiki, and secondly, that you show a bit of common sense in what you post.

Please read the Help:Editing page before posting anything to the wiki.

Latest News

31 Dec 2014 : New Release Issued!

Zen Cart® v1.5.4 released

See the announcement here

Get your copy of the new Zen Cart users/administrators guide:

e-Start Your Web Store with Zen Cart

e-Start Your Web Store with Zen Cart

Old News

4 July September 2014 : Zen Cart® v1.5.3 released

25 November 2013 : Zen Cart® v1.5.2-beta released

18 September 2012 : Zen Cart® v1.5.1 released

30 December 2011 : Zen Cart® v1.5.0 released

26 October 2010 : Zen Cart® v1.3.9h released

NOTE: v1.3.9 FIXES THE SECURITY CONCERNS FROM PRIOR VERSIONS. Upgrading is strongly recommended.

IMPORTANT SECURITY ALERT! An important patch has been released to deal with a security problem in the admin area. You should rename your admin folder to something other than "/admin/". AND you should apply this patch IMMEDIATELY!!!

SECURITY PATCHES There are various security patches that are relevant to various (1.3.8 and older) versions of Zen Cart. You should refer to the list of security patches to apply for your version of Zen Cart.

30th November 2007 : Zen Cart® v1.3.8a released

1 July 2007 : Patch Release Issued Zen Cart® v1.3.7.1 released, as well as security patches See the security alert here

29th December 2006 : Zen Cart® v1.3.7 released

27th October 2006 : Zen Cart® v1.3.6 released

4th September 2006 : Zen Cart® v1.3.5 released

21st June 2006 : Zen Cart® v1.3.0.2 Bugfix Release