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I want to move my Zen Cart installation to another host or a different server

  1. On your NEW host, create a new MySQL database. Note the username, password, database name, and host name (usually localhost).
  2. Go to your NEW host and upload (FTP) a fresh NEW install using the same version files that you built your other site on.... this will make sure that you get the proper settings in your configure.php files...
    While installing, allow it to install the demo products, so that you can test and be sure that it's working nicely.
    • Install
    • Test it.
    • Make backups of the NEW server's /includes/configure.php and /admin/includes/configure.php files by downloading them (FTP) to your PC.
  3. Make a COMPLETE backup of your DATABASE and STORE.
    • Use either the "Backup MySQL Database" contribution under Admin->Tools to do the backup of your database, or use phpMyAdmin to export your entire database ... include the "DROP" tables command, and under Data, choose "Complete Inserts" and "Extended Inserts".
      Save the SQL file to your PC for later.
    • Download all your old site's files via FTP (or if you have the option, zip them up on the server and download the zip)
  4. Now upload your OLD files over the NEW files on the NEW server, WITH TWO EXCEPTIONS: Don't overwrite the /includes/configure.php and /admin/includes/configure.php files on the NEW server.
  5. Go back to phpMyAdmin on your NEW server.
    • Select your NEW database (that you installed the NEW Zen Cart into)
    • DROP all the tables. (Check them all and scroll down and on "With Selected..." select DROP.
      Confirm Yes.
    • Click on the SQL tab across the top (or "Import" on newer phpMyAdmin configurations) and click Browse.
    • Select the SQL file you made in step 3a when you exported your old database, and click Go.
  6. Grab the "Fix_Cache_Key" utility to reset your Admin->Sessions->Session Directory key: Fix Cache Key Utility
    Simply upload the file to your NEW Zen Cart folder and open fix_cache_key.php in your browser. It will give you status messages. Delete fix_cache_key.php when you're finished.
  7. You're done. Open your store and admin areas to see it all ready to go!