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This is an overview for all pages in Zen Cart™ version 1.2.5 (I did not yet examine version 1.3.0 but I do not think that is very different).

After an initial Zen Cart™ install you will see a webpage with a left and a right column consisting of several sideboxes. Most sideboxes are visible (Left/Right Status is ON) some are hidden (Left/Right Status is OFF).

Customizing Boxes

The best way to customize Zen Cart is to select the right template first and then change the columns and the sideboxes. Next you can change the text in the language file.

Select another template

By changing the template you can change the look of the shop including the sideboxes. To change the tempate go to:

Customizing Sidebox Columns

You can change some properties of these columns:

  • Configuration --> Layout Settings
  • Click on a setting and then on the edit button. There are the following settings:

Setting for hiding columns:

  • Column Left Status - Global
  • Column Right Status - Global

Settings for Changing the width of the column:

  • Column Width - Left
  • Column Width - Right

Settings for Changing the width of the sideboxes in these columns:

  • Column Width - Left Boxes
  • Column Width - Right Boxes

Customizing Sideboxes

Next you can decide what to do with each sidebox. Go to:

When you use both left and right columns you can change the following properties:

  • Left/Right Column Status: ON=visible, OFF=hidden
  • Location: LEFT or RIGHT position of the sidebox
  • Left/Right Column Sort Order: low number sideboxes comes on the top of the column

When you use a single column you can change the following properties:

  • Single Column Status: ON=visible, OFF=hidden
  • Single Column Sort Order: low number sideboxes comes on the top of the column

(Note that Single Column settings do not currently affect the page display, and can generally be ignored.)

Customizing language files

More advanced you can also customize the text in the language files. Most of the text is configured in the file: myshop/includes/languages/english.php. See also table below

Creating Your Own Sidebox


Overview of Sideboxes

Frequently Used Sideboxes

Name Description Remarks
categories Sidebox for navigating through product catagories Language file: english.php
search Search Sidebox Language file: english.php
search_header The same Search Box in the header part Language file: english.php
reviews Box with reviews of products Language file: english.php
information Box with links to information pages like shippinginfo, conditions, … Language file: english.php
more_information Box with links to page_2, page_3 and page_4 Language file: english.php
shopping_cart Small view on the Shopping Cart Language file: english.php

Product Related Sideboxes

Name Description Remarks
best_sellers Bestsellers Language file: english.php
featured Featured Language file: english.php
order_history Recent Purchases Language file: english.php
whats_new New Products Language file: english.php
specials Specials Produts Language file: english.php
manufacturers Links to Products for a Manufacturer Language file: english.php
manufacturer_info  ? Language file: english.php

Select Boxes

Name Description Remarks
currencies Box for selecting the preferred Currency Language file: english.php
languages Box for selecting the preferred Language Language file: english.php

Name Description Remarks
banner_box Sponsors Box Language file: english.php
banner_box2 Have you seen Box Language file: english.php
banner_box_all  ? Language file: english.php

Other Sideboxes

Name Description Remarks
whos_online Who's Online Box Language file: english/whos_online.php
product_notifications  ? Language file: english.php
tell_a_friend Tell A Friend Box Language file: english.php
document_categories  ? Language file: english/extra_definitions/document_general.php
music_genres Music Genres Language file: english/extra_definitions/product_music.php
record_companies Record Companies Language file: english/extra_definitions/product_music.php