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Database Version



Stores the groups used for categorizing the configuration values.

Table Details

Primary Key


Indexed Fields



configuration_group_id Primary Key

A unique, auto incremented value, to identify each configuration group record.
Type: int(11)
Null: No
Extra: auto_increment


A short, unique name for this configuration group option.
Type: varchar(64)
Null: No


A longer description for this configuration group option.
Type: varchar(255)
Null: No


The sort order for this configuration group in the Admin configuration column.
Type: int(5)
Null: Yes
Default: NULL

visible Index

Should the group be shown in the admin configuration column? Can be set to 0 (no) or 1 (yes).
Type: int(1)
Null: Yes
Default: 1

Default Entries

configuration_group_id: 1
configuration_group_title: My Store
configuration_group_description: General information about my store
sort_order: 1
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 2
configuration_group_title: Minimum Values
configuration_group_description: The minimum values for functions / data
sort_order: 2
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 3
configuration_group_title: Maximum Values
configuration_group_description: The maximum values for functions / data
sort_order: 3
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 4
configuration_group_title: Images
configuration_group_description: Image parameters
sort_order: 4
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 5
configuration_group_title: Customer Details
configuration_group_description: Customer account configuration
sort_order: 5
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 6
configuration_group_title: Module Options
configuration_group_description: Hidden from configuration
sort_order: 6
visible: 0
Info.png Information
Not visible via the configuration panel. Holds important payment/shipping/order total/gift module data, as well as the default language/currency and the default order status id. Unused defines for future development are also included (SEARCH_ENGINE_FRIENDLY_URLS). The manual switch ADMIN_CONFIGURATION_KEY_ON is a bool that displays the configuration defines in the admin while editing a configuration value.

configuration_group_id: 7
configuration_group_title: Shipping/Packaging
configuration_group_description: Shipping options available at my store
sort_order: 7
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 8
configuration_group_title: Product Listing
configuration_group_description: Product Listing configuration options
sort_order: 8
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 9
configuration_group_title: Stock
configuration_group_description: Stock configuration options
sort_order: 9
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 10
configuration_group_title: Logging
configuration_group_description: Logging configuration options
sort_order: 10
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 11
configuration_group_title: Regulations
configuration_group_description: Regulation options
sort_order: 16
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 12
configuration_group_title: E-Mail Options
configuration_group_description: General setting for E-Mail transport and HTML E-Mails
sort_order: 12
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 13
configuration_group_title: Attribute Settings
configuration_group_description: Configure products attributes settings
sort_order: 13
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 14
configuration_group_title: GZip Compression
configuration_group_description: GZip compression options
sort_order: 14
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 15
configuration_group_title: Sessions
configuration_group_description: Session options
sort_order: 15
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 16
configuration_group_title: GV Coupons
configuration_group_description: Gift Vouchers and Coupons
sort_order: 16
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 17
configuration_group_title: Credit Cards
configuration_group_description: Credit Cards Accepted
sort_order: 17
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 18
configuration_group_title: Product Info
configuration_group_description: Product Info Display Options
sort_order: 18
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 19
configuration_group_title: Layout Settings
configuration_group_description: Layout Options
sort_order: 19
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 20
configuration_group_title: Website Maintenance
configuration_group_description: Website Maintenance Options
sort_order: 20
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 21
configuration_group_title: New Listing
configuration_group_description: New Products Listing
sort_order: 21
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 22
configuration_group_title: Featured Listing
configuration_group_description: Featured Products Listing
sort_order: 22
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 23
configuration_group_title: All Listing
configuration_group_description: All Products Listing
sort_order: 23
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 24
configuration_group_title: Index Listing
configuration_group_description: Index Products Listing
sort_order: 24
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 25
configuration_group_title: Define Page Status
configuration_group_description: Define Main Pages and HTMLArea Options
sort_order: 25
visible: 1

configuration_group_id: 30
configuration_group_title: EZ-Pages Settings
configuration_group_description: EZ-Pages Settings
sort_order: 30
visible: 1