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If 'modules' are as described (ie as classes to be dropped into the cart to provide extra functionality during checkout), then where do the core modules stand (ie product_listing, column_left etc). I'd add some notes on which of the modules in the 'core' includes/modules/ folder can be overridden, but where would those notes go if the current description of Modules is left as is?

Re: modules

Personally, I'd say 'Modules' is a very wide term, which includes even 3rd party modules, ie. contributions, and is not limited to "Checkout", as the description currently says. But perhaps Wilt has good reasons for limiting this particular page to Payment/Shipping/Order modules..? :-) Since this is in the developers section though, my opinion is that this section should include anything that goes as a module. Other thoughts and opinions? For now though, Bunyip, you could just create a new page for your content and I'm sure we'll agree on a place to put it eventually. ;-) Good to see more people contributing to the wiki btw. :-) --Dwno 14:33, 13 December 2005 (MST)

Just to clarify

The modules section was created to describe those module which reside in includes/modules/payment, includes/modules/shipping and includes/modules/order_total, specifically classes that are managed by the admin->modules menu entry.

It may be that this will be widened in the future, e.g to cover plug and play stuff that becomes possible with the new Observer/Notifier class.

--Wilt 13:36, 14 December 2005 (MST)