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Many thanks for sharing some API from v1.3!!! :)

I wonder, whether there are/will be notifiers for payment processes? What I mean is that can we get notified when before_process() and after_process() events are triggered in the payment module, so we can hook in, if neccesary? Or maby order notifiers cover that aspect...

Given the v1.2.7 directory/program structure I presume, that $this->notify('NOTIFY_PAYMENT_START_BEFORE_PROCESS'); etc. could be added to respective functions in the core payment class at includes/classes/payment.php to achieve such functionality, right?


I am aware of another system that uses this type of method (NucleusCMS) however the difference is that they cache "subsciptions" to "events" in the database to speed upp the call back.

Might it be an idea to cache such bindings too? --Lord Matt 11:33, 23 June 2006 (EDT)