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About me

Name: Eivind E Valderhaug

Contact me
Zen Cart forum user profile (dwno)

A selected few of my contributions

Personal notes

Remember this: Add to cart bug in

Special wiki pages:


  • Get more time
  • Become superhuman in order to get all the work done
  • Work on error handler and make it a plug'n'play contribution for ZC
  • Take another look at the SID thing and consider making it a plug'n'play contribution for ZC
  • Take another look at some of the misc. unreleased stuff I have laying around and see if there's something of possible public interest
  • Ignore all the above and do something more important for me personally instead, like:
    • completing Data Manager (now there's a thought)
    • updating the Norwegian translation for ZC 1.3
    • opening my own webshop (hmm, wasn't that the idea from the beginning..)
    • stop giving free support to everyone and their grandma
    • stop doing ZC-related stuff that doesn't really matter to myself, because it's taking too much time
    • save the world from war, poverty, hunger and all else that is bad
    • remove these plans from public
    • etc. :-)